About Us: Rapport in the 1980's

In 1981, Rapport House relocated to an office building in Mississauga. The new site reflected a more professional service presentation and met the need for more space to accommodate additional clinical and support staff. In 1985, Rapport House discontinued its mandate of after-hours crisis intervention; due to the presence of other more appropriate crisis services in the community, and focused more on the improvement of program development and clinical intervention. In-service training, the development of a range of group counselling programs, and evaluative research were all added to ensure that adolescents and their families received the most effective services available. As its reputation for quality service grew, Rapport House received increased requests for its programs.

By the late 1980's, Rapport House Inc. was ready to expand its programs to ensure professional and accessible service for youth into the next decade. In 1989/90 through continued funding from the United Way and the Region of Peel, and additional funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Rapport House doubled its staffing resources. Addressing the increased need for services in a geographically diverse population, Rapport House moved its Head Office location to Brampton, while maintaining a satellite office in Mississauga. Additional staff were hired for the expansion of the Counselling Services, as well as, for the new collaborative programs with community agencies that responded to the needs of high risk, hard-to-engage families, and sexually abused adolescents. This rapid growth in services at Rapport House was evidence of the expectations and confidence that the community had with Rapport House in meeting the service delivery challenges to adolescents and families in Peel Region. In 1990, the agency once again changed its name, to Rapport Youth and Family Counselling of Peel Inc., as a more accurate reflection its mandate and scope of services.

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