About Us: Rapport in the 1990's

The early 1990's was a period of relative organizational stability for Rapport. The agency focused on internal development of its client services, staffing and evaluative components. However, in 1995, provincial government cutbacks to social service agencies saw Rapport lose roughly 25% of its ongoing funding, including a long-standing funding arrangement with the Region of Peel to provide services to recipients of social assistance. Rapport's response to this rather dramatic setback was to reorganize its services and staffing structure to make the most efficient use of its remaining resources. As a result, the primary counselling services Youth Counselling and Families at Risk were assembled under Core Services and a small group of staff resources were reallocated to New Enterprises Development. Under the New Enterprises Development program, innovative and creative initiatives, such as the ECLYPSE (youth drop-in centre), the Volunteer Connections Program and The Peel Youth Arts Festival were developed as support services to assist youth who desired alternative approaches to traditional counselling intervention.

A Detailed History

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