About Us: Rapport in the 2000s

Rapport has now experienced nearly four decades of helping troubled young people and their families. This experience, along with support from the community, has allowed the agency to adapt to the changing needs of adolescents and their families, and to the community at large. Rapport's commitment to responding to community needs allows the agency to plan its services in a dynamic and progressive manner.

Over the past decade some of the organizational changes that reflect this approach are: modifications to service delivery methodology, participation in collaborative ventures with other youth serving agencies, development of a agency-wide client database and program evaluation methodology, relocation of community offices, development of an active volunteer component, strategic reallocation of resources to remain viable in an uncertain economic climate, and the development of a long-term fund development and communications strategy.

A dedicated volunteer Board of Directors representing a broad cross-section of community interests continues to oversee the progress of the agency and ensures accountability to the community, our funders, and ultimately to the clients that Rapport serves.

Over the past few years, Rapport has been steadily developing new programs to support our counselling services. This service direction was confirmed by the Board of Directors in Rapport's Strategic Plan for the five-year period from 2002-2007, and as a result our new legal name, Rapport Youth & Family Services, was adopted. While not a significant departure from our previous moniker, it does reflect Rapport's movement toward providing adjunctive services to support youth in Peel. This direction is also reflected in Rapport's revised mission statement, "...to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of youth and families through counselling and related support services."

A Detailed History

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