Our Impact on Youth

A Young Mother with a Brighter Future

Leisha was 15 years old when she became a single mother, necessitating the involvement of the local Children's Aid Society, who then referred Leisha to Rapport for counselling support. Although Leisha seemed to be doing well raising her daughter on her own, the father of the child was alcoholic and abusive, and Leisha was still drawn to him. These pressures resulted in her dropping out of school. When she came to counselling, Leisha was feeling stressed about her future, depressed and unloved, which brought out issues of neglect by her own parents. As she became more aware of her low self-esteem, and how it affected her circumstances, Leisha realized that she deserved better, and was able to break off her relationship with her boyfriend. She also realized how her childhood had impacted on her choice of boyfriends. Subsequently, Leisha's next boyfriend was kind to her and her child. She returned to school and received top grades in her academics. After completing her high school education, Leisha took a job with her father, with whom she was developing a better relationship, and the future for Leisha and her daughter looks much brighter.

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