Our Impact on Youth

Helping a Teenager to Cope With Parental Separation

Aisha is 16 years old. She came to Rapport for counselling support because of concerns around school difficulties such as skipping classes and not completing her homework assignments. Aisha also had a history of family problems, including the separation of her parents. In her counselling sessions Aisha discussed her feelings around being placed in the middle of her parent's deteriorating relationship. Aisha's counsellor worked with her on developing strategies to redirect her parents when they came to speak to her about their marital problems. Aisha also learned how she could best cope with the situation at home while her parents decided how their relationship would proceed in the future. At the same time, Aisha's counsellor worked with her parents on helping them to understand the impact that their impending separation was having on their children. By the conclusion of Aisha's counselling work at Rapport there was a marked shift in the problems at home, as Aisha felt that her parents were not coming to her as often to talk about their relationship, and she was feeling happier in her life. Aisha returned to school for the start of a new school year, and she was doing well in her academic performance.

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