Our Impact on Youth


Gaining Self-Confidence Through Counselling

Kate, aged 17, was referred to Rapport by her school guidance counsellor for issues related to depression, parent/child conflict and low self-esteem. Kate was also dealing with parental alcoholism and family financial difficulties. She held a part-time job but often gave the money earned to family members to
help out at home. Kate had very little self-confidence or hope for her future. Initial counselling work with Kate focused on the many challenges she had already encountered in her young life that had helped her to become a strong and competent person.
Later in the Fall of that year Kate again presented low in self-confidence and did not look well. She was overwhelmed at the start of her final high school year and was not sleeping well or able to concentrate. With encouragement, Kate was able to take steps to turn her life around. She received help from her
family doctor and regained her health and ability to concentrate. She started a new supportive friendship and she began to make a plan to attend university. With counselling support Kate was able to keep herself on track academically, obtain some tutoring help and complete her applications for university. At the
same time, counselling sessions with Kate continued to focus on her strengths.
Kate worked hard academically, gradually improving her sense of optimism and appeared to be more at peace with her family and her own life. Although there were moments of sheer discouragement along the way, Kate was accepted into university for the Fall, which gave her selfesteem and confidence a huge boost.
As her family was not able to offer financial support, Kate delayed her post-secondary education. She immediately was able to secure a job in a bank, thanks to strong references from her part-time job and her skills in training and supporting others.
When Kate last contacted her counsellor, she was very proud of her accomplishments and was finally being acknowledged for her abilities. She was confident and hopeful about the many future opportunities opening up for her.


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