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Rapport Youth & Family Services is committed to strengthening the social and emotional well-being of youth through youth engagement and related support services.

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Please be advised that our ECLYPSE Employment Program has come to an end and will no longer be running. Thank you to all our participants, funders and partners for making it a success! For more information on the ending of…

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In January 2023, ECLYPSE launched it’s first every Mobile App. It is available NOW on Google Play Store. Just search up ECLYPSE Youth, and get the resources you desire and stay connected with everything ECLYPSE!



Tina, 16

Hi my name is Tina, I’m 16 years old. I’ve been going to ECLYPSE for almost a year now and it’s a really fun, calm and safe place for me to be in. I enjoy the time that I spend at ECLYPSE. When I have something on my mind and I want to tell it someone or if something has happened or so on I would always have the youth workers to talk to.

I’ve also been in there programs and its fun. For music I did karaoke because I love singing; for photography I took some really cool pics and at the end we took pics of a social issue that’s going on in the world. I also did visual arts and we made art using CD’s. I also did modern batik just for fun and it awesome.

There are also presentations at the beginning on social issues and it also teaches me a lot about what is going on around us. Some of the social issues that they talk about are mental health, substance abuse, stress management, healthy relationships, employment, youth entrepreneurship etc. There is lots more but that’s what I mostly remember.
ECLYPSE is a really good place to go for me.


Jen, 2018

My experience here at ECLYPSE is something that I will take with me wherever I go in life. There have been many laughs, many tears and many heartfelt moments that were shared in my time here. I have learned paitience, improved my empathy skills and growth professionally as I strived to be the best I can be. I am grateful for all the learning opportunities that I have been exposed to. Every outreach and event has taught me something that I’ll be able to take with me going forward and they have all made me stronger as an individual. I will forever cherish the friendships and relationships I have made here. It was a pleasure to be able to grow with one another and support each other throughout our journey. I wish nothing but happiness and joy to the future ECLYPSE team.

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